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Graphic design, layout, art & localization

Your Board Game with Meeple Foundry

We are professional translator, a creative graphic designer with plenty of experience, a couple of illustrators with a wide range of styles. That’s who we are, the perfect combination that will bring your game further! And above all, we love to play


Meeple Foundry is a project created by Diana and Samuel that was soon joined by Andrea and Carlos with the aim to offer publishers complete and professional solutions for their board games: graphic design, art direction, illustration, final arts, localization and graphic adaptation. We could tell you that we’re good and we’re perfectly coordinated… but we would rather let the games we have worked on speak for themselves:

What we do

Meeple Foundry Graphic Design for Board games

Graphic Design & Layout

We design whatever you need for your game: a rulebook, a visual identity, its graphic elements or all the components.

Meeple Foundry Illustration for board games

Illustration & Art direction

We can illustrate your game if you have a clear style in mind, or we can find the most suitable look for it in order to create a refined product.

Meeple Foundry Translation for board games

Translation & Localization

The best solution for international licenses or if you want to expand to new markets or simply have a downloadable pdf for your Kickstarter or crowdfunding campaign.

Meeple Foundry Graphis Adaptation for board games

Graphic adaptation

We can adapt all the components and graphic elements of your game in other languages: rulebook, cards, boards, etc. Everything you need and more!

Meeple Foundry Photography for Board games

Photography & Media Kit

We take professional photos and provide them back to you with a media pack that includes resources such as texts, logos, the box, etc. Perfect to promote your game!

Meeple Foundry Proofreading for Board Games


We do proofreading for all the texts you might need on grammatical, spelling, structure and comprehensive levels.

At Meeple Foundry we work as a team. However, we take care of each project bearing the required services, meaning it could be either a specific task or the full game design.

Alex Garcigregor_Meeple_Foundry

Explorers of the Woodlands

Meeple Foundry are a pleasure to work with. Great communication throughout the process, it is really easy to be on the same page as them. And the results speak for themselves! Recommended for anything from a small adaptation to a complete solution

Álex Maxigregor · Tranjis Games Spanish board Game Publisher


The White Castle / España 1936

I don’t have enough words to thank Meeple Foundry for their professionalism and excellent treatment with my work. They perfectly understand the illustrator’s requirements and help in all steps of a project.

Joan Guardiet Illustrator


Marvel Dice Throne (Spanish version)

We trusted them with our biggest project so far and we cannot be happier with the decision. Their attention to detail, monitoring and personal dedication makes their work unique. 10 out of 10!

Jose Antonio Ramirez · Delirium Games Spanish board game publisher


The White Castle / Walkie Talkie

Working with Meeple Foundry is an absolute pleasure. Their quality is professional, and they are an exceptional team that works with the product and gamers in mind.

Llama Dice · Shei S. & Isra C. Spanish board game designers


Witchcraft! / Resist!

Samu, you're the man and you know it. Burning the midnight oil and accommodating all my demands. I think the design for the game is top notch, thank you and until the next game!

Albert Monteys Illustrator and Comics Artist


Take a Seat / Resist!

I think their strong point is the variety of design and art features they have. Meeple Foundry are capable of adapting to different styles without dropping the quality of work.

Gonzalo Maldonado · Salt & Pepper Games Spanish board game Publisher



Albert (Monteys), Diana, and Samuel were able to take our rough concepts and turn them into something truly magical. The art is evocative and beautiful, while the graphic design is a perfect blend of functional and elegant. I couldn't be happier with the final look of the game.

David Thompson American board game designer


Scarface 1920 / Smart 10

Working with Meeple Foundry is agile and comfortable. They get involved in the projects with great interest and passion, and they go further than purely translating. They research about the subject in order to have a rich final outcome.

Toni Serradesanferm · SD Games Spanish Board Games Publisher



Diana and Samu are great people and above all, professionals! The translation, proofreading and graphic design of our books couldn’t have been in better hands.

Toni Bonet · Gravita Games Kickstarter Project


Unrevealed Project

Damnnnnnnn, when i opened it the first page in itself blew my mind to bits, forgot these were my works at some point! lol... it's so well implemented! I can`t read latin but I understand a lot of the set up and the graphic designer really did justice to the pieces.. damnnn.. so good.. well done sir!

Olajide Ajayi · L.A. Draws Illustrator


Lacrimosa / Take a Seat

I am very happy to have shared projects with Meeple Foundry. They are professional and have passion for board games, which deeply reflects on their work.

Ferran Renalias Spanish board game designer



They really know how to integrate and adapt the graphic design to the necessities of a project, reaching final results with at a high standard.

Germán P. Millán Spanish board game designer

Tea Party / 3 Reinos

Working with Meeple Foundry is always a pleasure. They are fast-moving, autonomous and deliver amazing results. They are definitely our first option.

Christian Tunn · Last Level Spanish board Game Publisher


Orchard / Black Sonata

Working with Diana & Samu is incredible. We love their freshness, closeness, professionalism, creativity and care to detail. It is an absolute blast working with them, as they are a synonym of things done well.

Manuel Corpas · Melmac Games Spanish Board Game Publisher


Factions Battleground

Diana and Samu were extremely easy to communicate with. They are both caring and passionate about board games, and above all did an amazing job.

Peter Ferry · Factions Battleground Kickstarter Project


Bitoku / Luna Capital

The team behind Meeple Foundry offers professional and versatile services. They have a proactive attitude, proposing ideas that enrich the overall board game projects they are working on.

David Esbrí · Devir Iberia International Board Game Publisher



Both Diana and Samu are efficient, proactive, and competent in their sector, but above all passionate about what they do. They are positive and encouraging, and they’ve provided concrete and optimal solutions. Working with them is a true pleasure.

Giulia Casati · Gravity Games Italian Board Game Publisher

Paul Brillinger


MeepleFoundry was recommended to me buy my manufacturer (Panda) for translating OuiSi's guidebook from English to Spanish. I gave them very tight deadlines, and yet they delivered beautiful and thoughtful work on time and on budget. It's not a question of "if" I work with Meeple Fuondry again, but "when."

Paul Brillinger · OuiSi Incorporated American Board Game Author

The Last Bottle of Rum

It was a pleasure to work with Meeple Foundry. They made constructive suggestions, worked thoroughly and paid attention to each detail. Communication with them was quick and very smooth. I'm really looking forward to work with them again for our upcoming project

Quentin Vernet · Lord Raccoon Games Kickstarter Project


Shelfie Stacker

You have been an absolute pleasure to work with! Thank you so much for all of your amazing work 🙂 We’ll definitely be in touch again in the future.

Nicola Booth · Arkus Games Kickstarter Project



We were a little lost when it came to localization, so when we met Diana and Samu, it was extremely encouraging. They walked us through the process and did an incredible job of translation and design to match our original rulebook. Cannot recommend them highly enough.

Austin Harrison · IV Studio Kickstarter Project



Great communication, workflow, and result. As a small business, I'm especially grateful for the comfortable process and knowledge of the industry

Jeremy Hoog · Hoog Publishing Kickstarter Project


On the Underground

Meeple Foundry were quick, efficient and thorough. They were able to dedicate time to the game and its rules so that we could include Spanish in the production in time. Recommended!

Ludicreations Team International board game publisher


The One Hundred Torii

Efficient, high-quality work and a great attitude. Would happily work with Meeple Foundry again in the future.

Ed Baraf · Pencil First Games American board game publisher



I was quickly convinced by the practical approach Meeple Foundry offered. Their wording was compact, elegant and very professional

Michiel de Wit · Gam'inBiz Kickstarter Project


Their passion for board games is easily matched by the quality of their work - looking forward to working together on more localization projects in the future!

Ben · Floodgate Games American board game publisher

Escape Pods / Idus Martii

Meeple Foundry are efficient and professional, with work capacity and high availability. It is a pleasure to work with them, as I have the conviction that the assignments are completed in time and with quality.

Jordi · 2Tomatoes Spanish board game publisher

Translation / Proofreading

Diana Toma

Diana is passionate about communication and she’s good at languages. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Translation and Interpreting and she uses communication as a barrier-breaker element. She has worked on public engagement, as advertising translator, communications manager, simultaneous and conference interpreter and a TED Talks subtitler. She worked for the international company HRS (Germany) as a comms manager, balancing the communication within different departments. Nowadays Diana deals with the international communication at a private universities that gatheres over 40 different nationalities.

On what board games refers to, she loves euros, games with a good amount of strategy and creating great combos.She has translated and localized Barrage, Dice Throne: Marvel, Tainted Grail, Moonrakers, Imperium, Atlantis Risings and other successful Kickstarter campaigns. She has a gift of speech, so she is the manager of the team and the expert in providing solutions and guidance to the clients.

Graphic Adaptation / Graphic Design

Samuel Zaragoza

Samu has been a designer forever. With over 20 years of experience as a creative, graphic and editorial layout designer. He graduated in Graphic Design and has one master degree in creative design and another one in advertorial & editorial photography. He has worked in both small and big studios, as well as a freelancer covering branding, art direction and ad photography. In his portfolio you can find projects for BMW/Mini, Tigex (France), La Piara (Spain), Unicaja Bank, Málaga’s Council, etc. He is now dedicated to Meeple Foundry 100%, working on board games graphic design and directing the team.

Regarding his preferences, Samu loves a good filler and well-done games and inserts. He enjoys the art of a good dame and quality design with a professional layout. He has worked on games such as Bitoku, The White Castle, Witchcraft, Hero Realms, Veiled Fate and in 2023 he was awarded as Best Graphic Designer for Lacrimosa. He is the core engine within the team, he never rests yet enjoys taking over the creative direction of any game, either being a small or big one.


Andrea & Carlos

Andrea and Carlos are avid art-enthusiasts. She started with traditional illustration and later focused on digital. Carlos, in addition to being specialized in illustration, works with sculptures. Both are graduates in Graphic Design and ever since many years they have plenty of knowledge in art, which shapes their illustration style. Both Andrea and Carlos have been able to combine the illustration aspect with their experience as designers, and have been working together for over 12 years. They are capable of working on any sort of projects, from a simple storyboard to an illustrated book, and of course board games illustration.

When it comes to their taste in board games, both love all genres, from an euro to a filler, as long as it works well for 2 players. They have illustrated Blind Business, Operation Barclay, Winter, Take a Seat, Tres Reinos, Fritos & Tea Party. They are all different from each other and have a unique style and certain charisma. There is no project out there they cannot handle!

We are the team your board game wants to work with

Where are we to be found?

Even though we’d love to be constantly traveling, trying new things and experiencing new cultures and gastronomy, we are now enjoying Malaga (Spain) and Lima (Peru). We have lived and travelled to different countries, however you are only at an email distance from us.

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